urban chaos

1 mob at a time

injectants mob

Injectants Mob Art is a collaboration of artists using multiple media and techniques to create urban chaos 1 artist at a time


Injectants Mob Art uses rattle can, brush, and tool techniques with sunset, sunrise, and urban backgrounds. Custom orders and colors available.

planetary misalignment

Injectants Mob Art employs rattle can and blending techniques set in terrestrial nightscapes with bursts and stars. Custom orders and colors available.

A conceptual look into the mind of the injectants mob
pour &
Using household items, utensils, straws, and a bit of chaos, each pour and cleanup is one-of-a-kind. Custom colors available.

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About Us
Injectants Mob is a co-op of artists expressing love, pain, joy, and life through various art forms